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Whether you’re a local handyman or a business, there’s a perfect compressor for you!

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What We Can Do For You

We’re confident that we can give you an unparalleled experience when you choose us. Our first goal is to give every customer exceptional air compression service, from repairs to sales. We can also take care of:


Mattei Compressors: One of the most recognizable names in the compressor business is Mattei. We sell them because they’re more than good. They’ve been around for decades and give users reliable, desired results.
5-150 Compressors: You know what you want and need regarding 5-150 compressors. If we’re out of stock, ask one of our exceptional staff about getting exactly what you need!
Chicago Pneumatic Compressors: Whether you need a screw compressor or air treatment solutions, Chicago Pneumatic has that and everything in between. Any of our exceptional staff can guide you through your options and help you find the perfect compressor.


We can confidently service all brands of compressors, even if we don’t sell them! We can repair screw compressors, reciprocating air compressors, and more. Our professional staff can service and/or repair when you need it!
We service Mattei Compressors, even if you didn’t purchase it through us.
5-150 Chicago Pneumatic Compressors need maintenance and, at times, repair. We can come to you and get it done so you can keep things working smoothly!
Our staff has licensed electrical contracts so that you get the safest, most reliable work possible.
We have licensed technicians who work on industrial refrigeration. We can handle both your compressor problems and needs!
We offer free estimates for whatever you need. Just ask!


Not everyone needs air compressors or air purification at all times, but that doesn’t mean we overcharge for rentals! We are proud of our reasonable, affordable, and straightforward pricing.
You don’t have to return your rental until you’re done with it! This means that we offer both long and short-term rental agreements.

If you don’t see the air compressor or purifier you want or need, no worries. We’re typically able to get you exactly what you want, even if we don’t have it in the store.

Process Improvement Consulting

  • We bring more than 40 years of experience to the table, making us uniquely qualified to tackle any need or scenario.
  • When we help to improve processes and efficiency, you’ll see an increase in production while keeping costs manageable.

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